Data Migration

Vitrana Safety Data Migration framework considerably reduces time to production with optimal quality checks, prioritizing regulatory compliance.

Vitrana Consulting has been at forefront in performing some of the most complex migrations in the PV space in last few years. The team has successfully lead migrations at multiple Tier 1 organizations for industry leading safety solutions. Vitrana has been continually building on our project successes and has developed industry leading Database migration framework. The framework reduces the migration effort, brings in re-usability of assets, reduces cost and helps in achieving efficiencies ranging from 65%-80% in various migration phases.

Infrastructure and Technical Components
  • Staging Schema scripts
  • Configuration Mapping
  • Field/ Column Profiling,
    De-duplication and Mappings
Vitrana Migration Project Library
  • Project specific migration documents and assets.
  • Project plan with key dependencies and learnings.
Migration Quality and Validation Components
  • Data Profiling Queries
  • Minus queries
  • OQ Scripts
  • Performance Qualification Scripts
Framework Migration Process
  • SDM Program Oversight
  • Pool of Vitrana resources
  • Dedicated team supporting SDM framework
Key Aspects
  • Vitrana migration framework is Solution and platform agnostic
  • Includes Standardized data profiling and data verification scripts
  • Design validated and pre-qualified by Vitrana
  • Vitrana Migration Framework Supports – Product Divestitures Trading Partners Acquisitions
  • Vitrana Migration Framework prioritizes compliance with Regulatory reporting across all applicable agencies

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