Machine Learning



Vitrana offers niche consulting services in the are of Machine Learning  and Data Analytics. Machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions are getting more and more popular among companies however, as the analytical process is becoming more complex, the real challenge is to discover and gain valuable insights.

How We Do It

Data science and advanced quantitative modeling are at the heart of our offering. Our data scientists hold advanced degrees in highly quantitative and diverse fields – Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Operations Research, and along with this their business acumen enables us to translate business requirements into an analytical framework. Our Consultants are not just from academics but they have in-depth understanding of enterprise needs, its compliance and security needs and thus they are well equipped with providing the most cutting edge solution meeting all the client needs.

Our Solutions

We provide solutions whether it relates to fraud detection, customer life cycle, segmentation, image analytics, offer prediction, time series forecasting etc. We provide consulting services in Pharma, Financial, Retail and E-commerce world. We also provide solutions for organization that needs help with statistical Modeling majorly revolving around cohort analysis, fractal analysis, disjoint correlations, A/B test etc.

Implementation Use Case

We implemented custom offer referral solutions for a pharma organization that wanted to answer two questions to its healthcare promotion data for customer centric marketing (CCM).

  1. Would a particular HCP accept a particular offer or not (sent via email , direct mail or telephonic call)
  2. If the CRM team and the target list for sent out a particular email the campaign was on of the HCP that accepted the offer. A Sales Rep for that meeting can show the offer in the order of his acceptance, so the endeavor was to show the offer in the order of his liking and also to gauze an HCP interest.

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